10 setembro 2011

Alpine Valley 2011-09-04

Main Set: Wash, The Fixer, Severed Hand, All Night (w/ Joseph Arthur, Liam Finn, Glen Hansard and David Garza), Given To Fly, Pilate, Love Boat Captain, Habit (w/ Liam Finn), Evenflow, Daughter/It's OK, Leatherman, Red Mosquito (w/ Julian Casablancas), Satan's Bed, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter A Small Town (w/ Dhani Harrison), Unthought Known, New World (w/ John Doe), Black, Jeremy.

Encore 1: Eddie improv/new song (performed solo by Ed on acoustic guitar), Just Breathe, Nothingman, No Way, Public Image, Smile (w/ Glen Hansard), Spin The Black Circle.

Encore 2: Hunger Strike (w/ Chris Cornell), Call Me A Dog (w/ Chris Cornell), All Night Thing (w/ Chris Cornell), Reach Down (w/ Chris Cornell on lead vocals, Eddie Vedder, Liam Finn & Glen Hansard sing background vocals), Sonic Reducer (w/ Mudhoney).

Encore 3: Alive, Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner.

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