29 outubro 2009

28/10/2009 - First Union Spectrum Arena: Philadelphia, PA

Setlist: Animal, All Night, World Wide Suicide, Small town, I Am Mine, Johnny Guitar, Nothing As It Seems, Gone, Evacuation, Evenflow, Come Back (major screw up to start and then they scrapped it LOL), No Way, 1/2 Full, Down (with Mike Ness), Wishlist, Grievance, Given to Fly, The Fixer, Save You

Encore 1: Just Breathe w/string quartet, Lukin acoustic, Speed Of Sound, Push Me Pull Me, Garden, Blood

Encore 2: Last Kiss, Wasted Reprise, Betterman/SIFL tag, The Real Me (The Who), Porch, Ledbetter/little wing tag

62 músicas em duas noites seguidas... e apenas 2 músicas repetidas !!!

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