15 agosto 2008

Massey Hall: Toronto, ON - 12.08.08

Setlist: Walking The Cow, Trouble, Sometimes, I Am Mine, Dead Man, Man Of The Hour, Long May You Run, Setting Forth, No Ceiling, Guaranteed, Far Behind, Rise, Here's to the State of Mississippi, Picture in a Frame, Brokenhearted, Goodbye, Driftin', You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Last Kiss, Porch

Encore 1: (Believe You Me)/Wishlist, Society (w/Finn), Parting Ways (w/Finn), Elderly Woman..., The Seeker, No More, Arc

Encore 2: Hard Sun (w/Finn, Barnes)

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Alex disse...

Morro de inveja destes concertos todos... bem que podia haver um em portugal...