09 julho 2007

Pearl Jammer test

Ai está um bom teste para fazerem.

Que tal verem o vosso nível de fãs de Pearl Jam?

Pearl Jammer Test

digo-vos já o meu

You scored 75 True Fandom!

You have every studio album released. When the band tours, you go to at least 5 shows in your regional area. You frequent message boards and have a good amount of PJ merchandise at your house. You would rank PJ in your top 5 bands of all time.

houveram algumas que não sabia realmente.

2 comentários:

Maria João disse...

You scored 81 True Fandom!

You are a true diehard. You have Stickman sheets on your bed, every Ames poster you can afford on your walls and all official bootlegs from 2000-2003 tours..along with unofficial stuff you've traded for. Your fandom is borderline on stalking. You know the street address for every band member.. all their childeren's names... and what their spouses look like. Eddie has a restraining order out against you.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 60% on True Fandom

tbm havia algumas que nao sabia

RMB disse...

77 True Fandom